Subtle Realisations

This is just what I feel, so just take it lightly. Being a part of Open Source feels like I have entered a whole new world, I had teleported to development, open-source world where continuously something is getting created, when I used to think of some practical implementation of a thing that mere thought that […]

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Importance Of Critical Feedback

Somedays I wasn’t able to cope with college-hours and extra-curriculars , and wanted to start to cover-up everything that i missed these days, looking back from where I started , 3 months prior to dgplug summer training , I feel this was the most helpful in growing my understanding for free and open-source world . […]

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“Experience with DG NCC “

Being a part of national cadet corps ,you get to meet some great people, you get great experience, live life in a different way,you get to live with diverse people, different environment and with so much diversity and people with interesting stories of battleground ,it’s always been nice to be a part of NCC ! […]

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“dgplug summer training”

I got to know about dgplug summer training by my seniors/mentors ┬áin college ,whom I am very grateful of ! This summer training is very unique , it’s organised on irc channel #dgplug Have a great community , with mentors enthusiastic not just to share but to learn too .. It’s been fun starting with […]

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